Build snapcast client on OpenSuse

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The procedure is based on information from Sanpcast documentation

Clone the source code:

git clone

Install needed packages:

zypper install libboost_headers1_75_0-devel
zypper install soxr-devel
zypper install alsa-devel
zypper install libpulse-devel
zypper install libvorbis-devel
zypper install flac-devel
zypper install libopus-devel
zypper install libavahi-devel

Compile the client (run the following commands from client directory)

cd client

For installation run the following comands (taken from Makefile and adapted):

make installfiles
cp ../debian/snapclient.service /etc/systemd/system/
cp -n ../debian/snapclient.default /etc/default/snapclient
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable snapclient
systemctl start snapclient



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