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Olivian Daniel Tofan - Articles personal page,2005:c5816aa5369432fdb00a090b57042cf5/articles Textpattern 2019-01-11T14:59:37Z Olivian Daniel Tofan Olivian Daniel Tofan 2015-10-10T12:17:17Z 2016-03-20T14:07:28Z Package UrBackup Server for Synology DSM 5.2 [49],2015-10-10:c5816aa5369432fdb00a090b57042cf5/995ae5c578b96c54ad3c7ee946e29512 This article describes the process for crosss-compiling and packaging the UrBackup Server for Synology DSM 5.2 for armadaxp architecture. Probably the scripts work for other DSM versions and platforms but weren’t tested by me. The resulting spk file was tested on DiskStation DS414

Download the front-end scripts from here and extract them in a directory toolkit. We will refer the directory toolkit as TOOLKIT

mkdir -p toolkit
tar xf pkgscripts.tgz -C toolkit

Using EnvDeploy download and set up pre-build environment.

cd $TOOLKIT/pkgscripts
./EnvDeploy -v 5.2 -p "armadaxp"

After this the pre-build environment for architecture armadaxp and DSM 5.2 must exist in directory $TOOLKIT/build_env/ds.armadaxp-5.2


and extract them into $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup directory:

mkdir -p $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup
tar zxf UrBackupServer-syno-source.tar.gz -C $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup/
tar zxf urbackup-server-1.4.9.tar.gz -C $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup/
unzip -d $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup/cryptopp-5.6.2/
tar zxf fuse-2.9.4.tar.gz -C $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup/

Compile and package the synology UrBackup server spk file

sudo pkgscripts/ --no-sign -x0 -c urbackup

By using -c option, it will execute SynoBuildConf/build, SynoBuildConf/install and put the final package spk file to $TOOLKIT/result_spk. Run --help to find help about other options like -I, -i, -L, -l.

The ones who trust me (be careful – the spk package is run with root privileges on your DSM) can download the packages for different platforms (older UrBackupServer versions can be found in Archive - UrBackup Server for Synology):

Platform 1.4.13
armadaxp UrBackupServer-armadaxp-1.4.13.spk
x86 UrBackupServer-x86-1.4.13.spk
cedarview UrBackupServer-cedarview-1.4.13.spk
armada375 UrBackupServer-armada375-1.4.13.spk
armada370 UrBackupServer-armada370-1.4.13.spk
628x UrBackupServer-88f628x-1.4.13.spk
evansport UrBackupServer-evansport-1.4.13.spk
qoriq UrBackupServer-qoriq-1.4.13.spk
avoton UrBackupServer-avoton-1.4.13.spk

If someone wants to have a package compiled for other architecture please ask in comments bellow. But there is no guarantee that I will provide a package for other architecture – this depends on my free time.

More details about the process can be found in the official Synology DSM 3rd-Party Package Developer Guide.

Everything presented here was executed in a Lubuntu 15.04 virtual machine and package installed/tested on DS414.


  • I will not be liable for any loss or damage; Use everything at your own risk.
  • There is no guarantee that I will update the package for other future DSM or UrBackup versions.

Olivian Daniel Tofan 2014-05-02T13:20:18Z 2015-11-24T15:58:48Z Race report,2014-05-02:c5816aa5369432fdb00a090b57042cf5/1b6b9ac3aaf4b851270876f94d5b53f4 20 Noiembrie 2015 – Crosul de noapte – Proba 4km

Timp 00:19:00
Locul 38 din 162/175 la categoria _4km M _
Results Crosul de Noapte 2015 - toamna

30 Mai 2015 – Maraton Apuseni – Proba Semimaraton

Timp 03:18:01
Locul 100 din 112/133 la categoria Semimaraton Masculin 30-39
Locul 232 din 269/313 la categoria Semimaraton Open masculin
Result Maraton Apuseni 2015

15 Mai 2015 – Crosul de noapte – Proba 4km

Timp 00:19:44
Locul 40 din 95/96 la categoria _4km M _
Results Crosul de Noapte 2015 - primavara

26 Aprilie 2015 – Faget MTB Marathon – Traseu scurt

Timp 2:13:46
Locul 158 din 273/276 la categoria Masculin 30-39 ani – Traseu scurt
Results Faget MTB Marathon

19 Aprilie 2015 – Maratonul International Cluj – Proba Semimaraton

Timp 2:06:09.6
Locul 116 din 147/169 la categoria Semimaraton 1971-1980
Locul 456 din 653/743 la categoria General Semimaraton
Results Maratonul International Cluj

15 Noiembrie 2014 – Crosul de Noapte – toamna

Timp 19:27
Locul 42 din 93/96 la categoria 4km Masculin
Results Crosul de Noapte 2014 - toamna

25 Octombrie 2014 – Crosul Faget

Timp 01:02:28
Locul 38 din 52/61 la categoria Cros Masculin
Locul 11 din 14/19 la categoria Cros 30-39 M
Results Crosul Faget 2014

21 September 2014 – Maraton Gilau

Timp 04:30:27
Locul 81 din 120/123 la categoria 50 km Masculin 30-39 ani
Workout – part1
Workout – part2
Results Maraton Gilau 2014

06 September 2014 – Rarau Radical Race

Timp 03:20:25
Locul 17 din 42 la categoria Traseu Scurt Masculin 30-39 ani
Locul 36 din 107 la categoria General Traseu Scurt Masculin
Results Rarau Radical Race 2014

23 August 2014 – Triatlon Floresti – Stafeta – Bicicleta

Timp 03:20:25
Locul 8 din 11 la categoria Stafeta Masculin
Locul 8 din 18 la categoria Stafeta General
Results Triatlon Floresti 2014

22 Iunie 2014 – Crosul Hoia – Proba 5 Km

Timp 00:31:20
Locul 21 din 51 la categoria Masculin 5 Km
Locul 26 din 90 la categoria Open 5 Km
Results Crosul Hoia 2014

24 Mai 2014 – Maraton Apuseni – Proba Semimaraton

Timp 02:51:36
Locul 71 din 96 la categoria Semimaraton Masculin 30-39
Locul 160 din 236 la categoria Semimaraton Open masculin
Result Maraton Apuseni 2014

16 Mai 2014 – Crosul de noapte – Proba 4km

Timp 00:19:21
Locul 29 din 100/101 la categoria masculin 4km
Results Crosul de noapte 2014

27 Aprilie 2014 – Maratonul Faget – Proba 30km

Timp 02:27:40.788
Locul 89 din 240/243 la categoria 30 km – Masculin 30-39 ani
Results Maraton Faget 2014

13 Aprilie 2014 – Maratonul International Cluj – Proba Semimaraton

Timp 01:58:29.9
Locul 91 din 125/135 la categoria Semimaraton 1970-1979
Locul 354 din 586/654 la categoria General Semimaraton
Results Maratonul International Cluj 2014

09 Noiembrie 2013 – Crosul de noapte – Proba 4Km

Timp 00:21:24
Locul 31 din 78/81 la categoria 4km Masculin
Results Crosul de noapte 2013

22 Septembrie 2013 – Maraton Gilau – Proba 50Km

Timp 05:22:44
Locul 78 din 89/98 la categoria Race – Masculin – 30-39 ani
Locul 172 din 202/223 la Clasament general – Race Masculin
Results Maraton Gilau 2013

11 August 2013 – Transalpin Bike Marathon – Proba Clasic

Timp 04:37:45
Locul 37 din 47 la categoria Classic – Amatori 30-39 ani Masculin
Locul 88 din 118 la General
Results Transalpin Bike Marathon 2013

23 Iunie 2013 – Maraton Apuseni – Proba Family

Timp 49:16:00
Locul 7 din 16 la categoria 0 – 3 ani
Locul 27 din 37 la General
Race report Maraton Apuseni Proba Family

Olivian Daniel Tofan 2014-04-25T07:44:56Z 2014-06-18T09:40:29Z Liberate SportsTracker workouts [50],2014-04-25:c5816aa5369432fdb00a090b57042cf5/368b86d3dfed370a398459b7e2cb2eaa There are requests from the community to bulk export the workouts from Sports Tracker. At the date there is no way to do this, the only way to get access to your workouts (eg. gpx files) is to export each workout one by one from Flash web application.

After intercepting and analyzing the traffic between client application (Flash application) and the server I found a way to bulk export the workouts. I’ve decompiled the Flash application for analysis and created a new application (using partially the decompiled code but modified in order to compile) which is able to exports selected workouts.

The application is an Adobe AIR application. For installing and running the application AdobeAIR must be installed.

The latest air package can be downloaded.


Olivian Daniel Tofan 2009-04-27T20:17:27Z 2014-04-25T15:12:52Z Înmulţirea tetrazona,2009-04-27:c5816aa5369432fdb00a090b57042cf5/685226936e23c3fd4bde38cf517bb00c Am scris un nou articol despre inmultirea tetrazona: Tetrazona breeding

Olivian Daniel Tofan 2009-01-04T18:39:13Z 2014-04-25T15:13:03Z awstats și openwrt,2009-01-04:c5816aa5369432fdb00a090b57042cf5/d4eedb2529d77967855da31e5fc5f99d awstats este un program care generează diferite statistici pentru jurnalele diferitelor servere (web, mail, ftp). Pentru a folosi această aplicatie aveți nevoie de perl.

Pentru a instala awstats pe openwrt trebuie ca perl să ruleze pe openwrt. Exista pachetul microperl pentru openwrt dar după cum se spune aici (și după cum se poate deduce din nume) acesta are diverse neajunsuri (de ex. nu are facilitatea de a încărca extensii). Neajunsuri care sunt esențiale pentru a executa aplicații precum awstats.

După cateva ore de căutări/cercetări/efort am ajuns la concluzia că awstats nu poate rula pe openwrt deoarece un interpretor perl complet lipsește. În schimb, microperl poate fi folosit pentru a rula programe simple, cum ar fi:
bc. microperl -le ‘print q/Hello world/’