Package UrBackup Server for Synology DSM 5.2

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This article describes the process for crosss-compiling and packaging the UrBackup Server for Synology DSM 5.2 for armadaxp architecture. Probably the scripts work for other DSM versions and platforms but weren’t tested by me. The resulting spk file was tested on DiskStation DS414

Download the front-end scripts from here and extract them in a directory toolkit. We will refer the directory toolkit as TOOLKIT

mkdir -p toolkit
tar xf pkgscripts.tgz -C toolkit

Using EnvDeploy download and set up pre-build environment.

cd $TOOLKIT/pkgscripts
./EnvDeploy -v 5.2 -p "armadaxp"

After this the pre-build environment for architecture armadaxp and DSM 5.2 must exist in directory $TOOLKIT/build_env/ds.armadaxp-5.2


and extract them into $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup directory:

mkdir -p $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup
tar zxf UrBackupServer-syno-source.tar.gz -C $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup/
tar zxf urbackup-server-1.4.9.tar.gz -C $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup/
unzip -d $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup/cryptopp-5.6.2/
tar zxf fuse-2.9.4.tar.gz -C $TOOLKIT/source/urbackup/

Compile and package the synology UrBackup server spk file

sudo pkgscripts/ --no-sign -x0 -c urbackup

By using -c option, it will execute SynoBuildConf/build, SynoBuildConf/install and put the final package spk file to $TOOLKIT/result_spk. Run --help to find help about other options like -I, -i, -L, -l.

The ones who trust me (be careful – the spk package is run with root privileges on your DSM) can download the packages for different platforms (older UrBackupServer versions can be found in Archive - UrBackup Server for Synology):

Platform 1.4.13
armadaxp UrBackupServer-armadaxp-1.4.13.spk
x86 UrBackupServer-x86-1.4.13.spk
cedarview UrBackupServer-cedarview-1.4.13.spk
armada375 UrBackupServer-armada375-1.4.13.spk
armada370 UrBackupServer-armada370-1.4.13.spk
628x UrBackupServer-88f628x-1.4.13.spk
evansport UrBackupServer-evansport-1.4.13.spk
qoriq UrBackupServer-qoriq-1.4.13.spk
avoton UrBackupServer-avoton-1.4.13.spk

If someone wants to have a package compiled for other architecture please ask in comments bellow. But there is no guarantee that I will provide a package for other architecture – this depends on my free time.

More details about the process can be found in the official Synology DSM 3rd-Party Package Developer Guide.

Everything presented here was executed in a Lubuntu 15.04 virtual machine and package installed/tested on DS414.


  • I will not be liable for any loss or damage; Use everything at your own risk.
  • There is no guarantee that I will update the package for other future DSM or UrBackup versions.



  1. Jurie

    Hi there,

    I’m currently running Xpnology on a 64Bit Server.
    Would you be able to compile one for X64, X86 platform?


  2. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    @Jurie: Built for x86 but not tested! x86 package can be downloaded from here.

  3. Geoffrey

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    I was very sad to see go down.
    I was VERY happy to see this and have built for cedarview and will hopefully get a chance to test tonight.

    Your “the UrBackup Server sources” link points to the client at

  4. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    @Geoffrey: Thank you! Corrected the link and built the package for cedarview too.

  5. N3Tc0mM

    Hi Olivian,

    Thank you for the good Work! Really great Howto!

    Right now i have compiled the Package for the armada375, because i was not shure if the armadaxp Package would work on my NAS.

    Three things i would like to mention:
    1.) When untar-ing the Packages, you wrote “UrBackupServee-syno-source.tar.gz”, which is wrong… The Package is named “UrBackupServer-syno-source.tar.gz”
    2.) I cant open the Webpage of URBackup on Port 55414… Is there another Port for the Webpage? Do i have to activate the Webserver on the NAS?
    3.) If you want to have the compiled spk, should i upload it somewhere for you? (As you mentioned, the risk for downloaders is high!)

    Thanks, N3tc0mM

  6. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    Thank you N3Tc0mM!

    1. I’ve corrected the typo
    2. Look into /var/packages/UrBackupServer/target/etc/urbackup.conf for ports used by UrBackup server
    3. I’ve compiled the package for armada375 too

  7. N3Tc0mM

    Hi Olivian,

    Sorry for the late Reply… Internet is down since Friday. Writing mobile now.

    Thanks for your advice. Things went right after i restarted the NAS. Don`t know why restarting the urbackup Deamon didn’t work, but restarting the NAS did :-).

    Now all works fine… Again: Thank you very much for your great Work. :-)

  8. redfury

    multe multumiri pt compilarea packetelor pt Synology. Am testat varianta x86 pe un Intel E7200 cu DSM 5.2 5592 si functioneaza. Varianta armada 370 am incercat sa o instalez chiar pe un DS212+ dar nu a mers, zice ca nu este pt el..Daca poti mentine dezvoltarea (compilarea in continuare a versiunilor noi – deja a aparut 1.40) ar fi super. Pe nicaieri nu mai exista aceste pachete iar cel ce facea s-a retras de cateva luni.
    Am acum 3 variante de backup functionale, toate folosesc Synology ca spatiu de stocare: DeltaCopy, FBackup si acum Urbackup. Inca odata multumiri si tine-o tot asa.

  9. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    @redfury: armada375 este diferit de armada370. Am creeat un pachet si pentru armada370.

  10. redfury

    Salut, mersi pt versiunea noua, instalat acum pe DS213J (asta era modelul nu 212+ cum eronat scrisesem initial) si functioneaza ok.

  11. Whatsek

    Thank you! I downloaded x86, and configured it again after using another version. Runs very nice!

    Can you make an updated package for the just released .10 version? Thank you for your time!

  12. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    @Whatsek and @redfury: Compiled the 1.4.10 UrBackupServer package for some platforms. Beware – the packages were not tested (not even on armadaxp).

  13. Whatsek

    @Olivian, let me test it then… ;-)

    Upgrade went fine, I didn`t stop the old version first, do that gave an error. But after the installation everything was fine, and Urbackup was upgraded to version 1.4.10. All my clients and backups were still there. Thank you!

  14. Jesse

    Can you compile for Armada300 (6281 6282)? I’d be happy to test and help out however I can.

  15. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    @Jesse: The Armada 300 is the same as Marvell Kirkwood mv6282 – see here. So I think it’s safe to install the already built package for 628x

  16. Sascha

    I’m not able to install your x86 package, is it for x86_64 or x86_32? I have a 214play, I think I need a x86_32 package, can you help me? Btw, what is the correct parameter for x86_32 in your pkgscript?


  17. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    @Sascha: The x86 package should work for 214play. Make sure you have DSM 5.2.

  18. Sascha

    Sorry, its not possible, I tried it again, I’ve got the message” This package is not supported by this platform”
    My DSM Version is 5.2-5644 Update 1, my hardware is DS214play I tried both packages 1.4.10 and 1.4.9
    What can I do?

    Thanks Sascha

  19. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    @Sascha: I was wrong before. According to this page the platform for 214play is evansport. Download the UrBackupServer-evansport-1.4.10.spk and try again.

  20. Sascha

    thanks a lot! now I was able to install the package.


  21. Sanchez

    Hi Olivian, can you compile UrBackup Server for qoriq architecture (x13 Series, DS213+, DS413) ?
    thank you in advance :-)


  22. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    Sanchez, I’ve built the package for qoriq architecture.

  23. Sanchez

    Hi Olivian, during weekend I myself compiled version 1.4.12 according to your instructions.
    URbackup server version 1.4.12 works fine on DS213 +.

    thanks for help :-)


  24. Benjamin

    I am running both server and client on a ds815+ my problem is that client reports file backup is complete but server not, when comparing both files and directories in windows and file station I get fewer files on disktation than in windows. Anyone can help?


  25. Chris

    Any hope of getting the Avoton (x64) version for the larger RS2416 series or would one of the others work for this?


  26. Benjamin

    Hi Olivian I read that the .12 server has indexing problems is there any chance we could get the .13 version of the server? I am using the x86 on a 815+.

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  27. Igor

    Hello Olivian,

    I have a DS415j with up-to-date DSM 5.2 and I followed your directions until I ran:

    ./EnvDeploy -v 5.2 -p armada375

    I get the following error:

    -ash: ./EnvDeploy: not found

    I thought it might be a bad parameter, but it’s the same even if I run just ./EnvDeploy

    I am logged in as root. The system seems to have (only) ash installed. What am I missing?


  28. redfury

    Salut, am updatat la ultima versiune (x86) si merge ok. Keep up the good job !

  29. Temp

    Hey, any chance to compile one for DSM 6.0?

  30. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    I already tried to compile for DSM 6.0 but without success. Seems that the synology compilation toolkit doesn’t work (or I don’t know how to use it) for DSM 6.0 – so at the moment I’m unable to compile. I have upgraded to DSM 6.0 and UrBackup Server doesn’t start.

  31. Fernando Balbas

    I have upgraded to DSM 6.0 and UrBackup Server doesn’t start.

    me too.

  32. Fernando Balbas

    For if someone is helpful with these steps I managed to downgrade and running again.

  33. James

    Hi Olivian,

    Thank you for putting together this tutorial.

    I just tried to compile UrBackupServer using the links and steps in the article on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and I am getting the following error:
    There is no install-dev scripts for urbackup.

    Time cost: 00:10:15 [Build—>urbackup]

    ————————- Time cost statistics ————————-
    Time cost: 00:10:15 [Build—>urbackup]

    ######################################################## Error(s) occurred on project “urbackup”
    urbackup : 13 warning(s)
    1 projects, 1 failed, 1 have warnings.

    Check [/logs/] for fixing errors.

    Time cost: 00:10:16 [Build]
    Time cost: 00:00:00 [Install]

    [Thu Apr 21 12:09:17 2016] Finish

    Time cost: 00:10:17 []
    Error: Some error(s) happened!!
    Please check /home/james/toolkit/build_env/ds.{armadaxp}/!


    Any idea about where I should look / what I should do so it finds the install-dev scripts?



  34. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    I think some environment variable are not set. I see that the error message mention to check “home/james/toolkit/build_env/ds.{armadaxp}/!” => Seems that the environment variable platform is not set correctly because contains curly brackets (”{”) and it’s missing the version (eg. 5.2). Make sure that you run the EnvDeploy command correctly (passing the -v and -p parameters).

  35. James

    Hi Olivian,

    It was my mistake indeed. I had gotten the wrong package for FUSE. It all works now!



  36. James

    Hi Olivian,

    I was pointed to this page to get the toolkit for DSM 6.0:

    I tried to compile but it did not work for me. Maybe you will have more luck.



  37. Chad

    I get permission errors on x86 DSM 5.2 when trying to backup. Says path invalid.. Ideas?

  38. Sasha

    Hi Olivian,

    I wanted to thank you for making UrBackup available for the Synology DSM.
    Currently, there is version 2.0.33 available. Do you have plans to compile it for the Synology DSM?


  39. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    Hello Sasha,

    I’ve tried several times till now. I’m doing small steps but slowly. Now the UrBackup 2.0 is compiled for DSM 6 but on my NAS still does not work. I need free time to investigate (I suppose this is due to massive changes in UrBackup 2.0).

  40. Ole

    Hi Olivian,

    I was using UrBackup server 1.4.xx on my DS414 for a while, using DSM 5.2, and I was very happy with it, creating both image and file backups from 3 clients. But like you and others, it stopped working for me when I upgraded to DSM 6. I have tried to use pkgscripts-ng to setup the DSM6 toolkit, but it fails with a lot of Cannot mknod: Operation not permitted errors, and finally a Fail to extract ds.armadaxp-6.0.env.txz error, so I didn’t get very far.

    If you managed to compile UrBackup 2.0 for DSM 6, you must have gotten the compilation toolkit to work now… How about UrBackup 1.4.xx, does that still not compile?

    Anyway, tkanks, it’s great that you are still trying!


  41. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    Hello Ole,

    I manage to compile UrBackup 2.0 for DSM 6.0 using pkgscripts-ng and 64 bit virtual machine instead the one (32 bit) that I used for DSM 5.2. Maybe this info will help you to try to compile for DSM 6.0.

  42. Fernando Balbas

    Hello Olivian.
    Could you share urserver packages 2.0 to Synology 6.0 DSM?

    Thank you very much

  43. Cristian Bouros

    Salut Daniel,
    Ce ai folosit la compilarea UrBackup 2.0? Am un Synology 416 care e pe arhitectura alpine4k. Crezi ca ai timp de cateva indicatii?

  44. Olivian Daniel Tofan (Author)

    Salut Cristian,

    Initial nu am reusit sa compilez pentru ca foloseam o masina virtuala pe 32 de biti. Se pare ca noul toolkit de la synology pentru DSM 6.0 e facut pentru 64 de biti deci e nevoie sa ai o masina virtuala pe 64 de biti. Folosind procesul descris in acest post dar si un sistem linux pe 64 de biti am reusit sa compilez si sa fac pachetul (spk). Problema e ca UrBackup de la vresiunea 1.4 la versiunea 2.0 s-a schimbat mult si scripturile de 1.4 care rulau pe synology nu mai functioneaza (sau programul principal trebuie link-editat altfel pentru a gasi librariile necesare – eg. fuse). Deci chiar daca am reusit sa-l compilez, programul nu ruleaza pe synology. Asta e si motivul pentru care nu exista inca un packet facut de mine disponibil pentru download.

    Numai bine.

  45. Cristian Bouros

    Multumesc mult :) Oricum se pare ca lipsesc bibliotecile pentru alpine4k de pe soundforge deci nu o sa reusesc nici pentru 1.4 :(

  46. redfury

    Salut Daniel, pt DSM 5.2 se poate compila vers 2.x ? Pt versiunea 1.4 presupun ca ultimele packete compilate vor fi singurele disponibile de acum inainte. Pt ca Windows 10 imi mananca creierii cu deltacopy as reveni la urbackup.

  47. Procopy

    I have RS816 with CPU Armada 385, DSM 6.1.4
    What version of Urbackup Server can i install?

  48. Michal

    Hi. :) Any change of getting packer for x64 (Celeron CPU’s) powered Synology DSM 6.2? Version 2.2.11 currently. :) Thanks!!!


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