WLPG Zenphoto Plugin

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Update 25.04.2014 The plugin doesn’t work anymore with the new versions of the ZenPhoto.


This is a plugin for ‘Windows Live Photo Gallery”:http://get.live.com/photogallery/overview/” application that permits publishing photos to a installation of Zenphoto gallery.

The code is based on example plugin that comes with Photo Gallery SDK.


Download the plugin bellow, install it, open Windows Live Photo Gallery, and then under “Publish” menu you can find “Zenphoto Plugin”.

Quick user guide

  1. Select at least one image and access the Zenphoto plugin under “Publish” menu.
    Zenphoto Plugin menu
  2. If you are using for the first time the Zenphoto plugin, then you have to create a session to Zenphoto installation. In the session name text box you can enter any string that you like but in Url text box you must enter the address of your gallery. Storing password is not recomended, but for testing connection to the gallery you must provide username and password before pressing “Test” button.
    Creating a new Zenphoto session
  3. In the “Publish” page you are able to edit or delete an existing session or to start the publish to the selected session.
    Publish page
  4. If everithing was ok (provided URL, username and password was correct) then you are directed to the “Upload” page. Here you can choose to publish in an existing album or in a new one.
    Upload to a new album
  5. Now you are ready to start uploading selected images to your Zenphoto gallery.
    Upload progress
  6. When the operation finishes a result dialog is displayed.
    Publishing reults


WLPG Zenphoto Plugin is distributed under the GNU General Public License (I hope that doesn’t break the license of Microsoft Photo Gallery SDK examples).

You can download the installer or the sources

Happy publishing!


Version contains modification done by Robert Tomek. Thanks Robert!


Remember that this software is distributed as is and there is no responsibility of the author about any material or moral damage that it may cause.



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